COVID-19 News & Updates

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COVID-19 News & Updates

Current Traffic Light Level: Orange

Page last updated: 2.11pm Friday 3 December 2021

PLEASE NOTE: the information below is based on our current understanding of the government's instructions. Please check this page regularly, or follow us on Facebook or LinkedIn for regular updates.

Straitline™ Canvas is an essential service and will remain open in some capacity at all COVID-19 levels.


Straitline™ Canvas COVID-19 Response: Orange

Please see below the FAQs below about our COVID-19 response at the current traffic light level. Please scroll to the bottom of the page for our full COVID-19 Response Plan for all levels.


Our showroom is considered a retail area.

  • Maximum capacity 10 people (not including staff)
  • Customers and staff are required to wear masks while interacting in the showroom
  • QR code and manual contact tracing register available

Rest of Straitline Site

These restrictions cover all areas of our site except the showroom.

  • QR code and manual contact tracing register available
  • Our staff and fully vaccinated visitors are not required to wear masks
  • Visitors who are not fully vaccinated will need to wear a mask at all times while on site

Install or Repair Staff Working Offsite

  • We will only send fully vaccinated staff to sites covered by a vaccine mandate or requirement
  • We keep a record for what sites all our staff have visited
  • Our staff are required to wear masks while interacting with customers (customers are not required to wear masks)
  • We will follow all Covid19 restrictions on your site

COVID-19 Response Managers

  • Overall: William Rice
  • Site Manager: Ken Currie

You can reach them on 06 356 9965. Our detailed COVID-19 Response Plans for each level are available by request.

COVID-19 Response Plan Summary (All Levels)